Affordable Travel and Tourism Marketing for small companies

We specialise in helping small, micro and start-up travel and tourism companies with digital marketing!

TNT Marketer is an online-based digital marketing company. We offer an array of services ranging from marketing consultation, graphic design, web design and even traditional marketing services. With a background and extensive knowledge of the tourism industry and digital marketing, we are determined to help you. We cater to all companies looking to see a growth in their return on investment, and we especially have a passion for small and micro, start-up and struggling travel and tourism companies. We really do want to see you reach your full potential, we want to be part of YOUR story!

Taking your special element of uniqueness, we help you mould it into something tangible for everyone to visualise, enjoy and experience first-hand. It is our priority to build a personal bond with each client and convert business into sustainable, professional friendships.

Our passion is YOU

TNT Marketers was founded and is owned and managed by two close friends with a deep, kind of weird, love for tourism and marketing. We are focused on providing you with the best service, knowledge, expertise and consultation.  It is obvious that marketing must play an active role in your business. Marketing showcases your business to the world, we want to help you achieve your greatest passion – to be a success.

This company was created around the campfire with the intention of helping a friend become a successful company, so that he can showcase his talents as a ranger. THAT is what we do, THAT is our goal. We want you to take your skills, your knowledge, your passion and make it a viable, profitable company.

So, allow us to help you so that you can see a tangible difference in your Return on Investment. We pride ourselves in making a difference so that you can see the results.

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Madaci Safaris

TNT Marketers have been fundamental in revamping my website! I would definitely recommend their professional, quality service!